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  • Arlia

A revolutionary woman

WHAT are you willing to give up in order to stand up in your power?

WHAT does it mean to you to stand as a woman, not a girl or a child?

WHAT does the most powerful version of you feel like?

My teacher asked me the questions years ago and I answer them anew all the time.

What am I willing to give up to stand in my power? comfort? safety? reputation?

13 years ago I knew i wasn’t in my power and my soul was miserable.

I’m a revolutionary woman. To create a whole new life for myself I had to let the current one crumble.

I gave up the perfect life and started over.

Most people shook their head and wondered where I’d gone wrong.

They said they’d pray for me. 

I lost my entire community save for 1 or two acquaintances.

I surveyed the landscape. What do i know to be true? 

I loved the Divine and knew I was loved. I loved my children. Everything else was falling away. 

What now? What now? I had no answers. One day, one step at a time. Who am I now? 

I had no idea. I had no self-confidence, but I did have a very strong soul that drove me find out who I was.

I looked for answers from those around me. I took their opinions me of me and sieved them for truth. 

Oh…maybe I am a lovely human being. Oh…maybe people do care about who I am and what I think. Oh…maybe I am capable of taking care of me. Oh…maybe I DO know how to survive and thrive. 

Stone by stone I rebuilt an ego. An ego is  a necessary thing, until it isn’t. I don’t believe it is useful for us as humans to get rid of the ego, but that the ego have a non-voting seat at the council that helps us be in this plane of existence.

What is ready to fall away for you to stand in your power? Are you willing to let it go? Are you ready to start your own inner revolution but don’t know how? I do, I’ve been there. You don’t have to do this alone. 

Bring forth YOU. The You ready to be born. 

Be a revolutionary.

So much love,


Peeling Crepe Myrtle


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