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Radiant Woman Wellness

Does it feel like abundant energy and a strong body are out of reach? Diminishing?

Have you given up on significant changes?

What keeps you stuck?


There is always hope

There is always a way forward


I am passionate about helping you take ownership

of your health and your future

because I have done it for myself

and helped other women do the same.


Your wellness is your priority

Together we will find your unique path

to your most RADIANT self

for the BRIGHTEST future.

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I used to believe that as I aged, I was just going to continue gaining weight,  slow down and lose good health. That, at 55, it was all downhill from here. I'm so glad I was wrong.
Here I am in late 2020...and now 


I got curious about why I believed there was no hope for the future of my health. Why was I bloated, why did I have aches and pains and swelling? What was *really* going on?


Beyond our genetics, much of our health boils down to what we believe and our attitude, which informs our lifestyle.


When I worked with seniors I saw the way their health was affected by their attitude, and I knew that it was important.

When I got curious,  everything changed.


I looked for answers, and I found them at the source…my body’s own intelligence.


I began listening, and I realized that my body was telling me what it wanted and what it didn’t…and I was ignoring it. I wasn’t willing to listen because I was stubborn about my diet. I was addicted to the foods that brought me comfort and those that helped me fit in with my culture.


But my body was telling a different story.  As I made my body's intelligence my priority, my entire lifestyle changed. I was beyond motivated to do whatever made me feel good, and not in that "just one more cookie" feel good...the satisfaction and high that come from aligning my body, mind, and spirit.

I am learning self-compassion and kindness…learning to let go of shame. 


I'm practicing simplicity in the noise of diet culture. My body now tells me what to eat, and the movement it wants.


I'm learning patience and compassion for myself and others in ways I hadn't before.

And those are the principals of Radiant Woman Wellness....Simplicity, Compassion, and Patience.

If you're feeling drawn to deepen your relationship with yourself to impact your body's vitality and radiance, I have good news and a gift for you.

You can always schedule a complimentary session with me to chart your own Radiant Woman path.

AND...soon I'll be opening a  private membership, GLOW.

This sacred community will support each other in our unique Radiance and the changes we are choosing to make.

There will be private podcasts, group conversations, group coaching calls 

and so much more.

To make sure you get an invitation, simply sign up below for your free Healthy Boundaries resource, and you'll be on the list when GLOW goes live.

And my gift to you? Healthy Boundaries.

One essential to compassion...for yourself and others... is Healthy Boundaries.

I created resources just to help you consider what Healthy Boundaries are for you, and specific skills to help you begin to use them.

Sign up below to receive these valuable tools for your own well-being.

How will Healthy Boundaries help your physical well-being and vitality? 
It is a critical skill in being able to honor your own body's wisdom.


Oh yes! Send me the Healthy Boundaries tools and put me on the list for GLOW!

Thank you!

Beloved, it is never too late to change,
never too late to have the vibrant life you're craving.
Let's find your path forward...together.
I'm here for you, you're not alone, and there is hope. 
Schedule a session with me below, and let's find out, together, what is possible
Radiant Woman Wellness
One-on-One Consultation

We'll explore your desires, the roadblocks, and the path forward.

You'll get real results and the support along the path.

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