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  • Arlia

Who me, impulsive??

I've always been impulsive, and it makes my life interesting, for sure, especially since I'm a Capricorn who generally deliberates ad nauseam until taking action.

Taking action on intuition is vital, but so is knowing the difference between inspired action and the whims of the ego, usually seeded in fear.

Becoming deliberate rather than impulsive, responsive rather than reactive, is an inside job. The story "I have no choice" in a response to a situation is rarely true. There are always options.

Self-awareness offers us the opportunity to act or not on that knowledge. The choice to change requires discipline, and I define discipline as "loving self-regard".

Doing the work of realigning our thoughts and behaviors is discipline, and the result is emotional intelligence.

When you think you don't have a choice, go within and think again.


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