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About The Women's Sanctuary

Arlia Hoffman

Joy, peace, love...these are our birthrights. But it can be hard to find them, and sometimes they seem to be missing entirely. 

Looking for them doesn't really work..."working" for them rarely does. Sometimes it seems to happen by accident.  Working on joy? Looking for love? All the wrong places, baby. So then what works?

They come to us when we stop "trying".  It takes a different kind of looking. The work is inside., peace and even love can fill the moments. 

And many of us need help with figuring this out because we haven't been taught how. We all are ready for new roadmaps to figure out life and feel better.



As if you were standing in the presence of ancient Redwoods or in awe of the ocean waves, The Women's Sanctuary is a sacred oasis, a place to nurture the holy inner life as well as sacred connections with others.

Whether in Women's Temple practice, in private sessions, or in group events, The Women's Sanctuary provides support, wisdom, and solace for the body and spirit.


Hi!  I'm Arlia Hoffman and I'm thrilled you're here.

I founded The Women's Sanctuary as a haven for women to be in community.

We offer connection through The Women's Sanctuary podcast,  personal coaching for soul and body, and group events like temple practice.

Rooted in the tradition of women's circles throughout history, The Women's Sanctuary is a place of sacred rest, sacred connection, healing, and belonging. 

I welcome you here, sister. 

Arlia Hoffman is founder of The Women's Sanctuary and The Women's Agency. 


She holds a Masters in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, is an ordained minister, and a shamanic mentor.  She is passionate about supporting women as they re-member themselves.


In The Women's Sanctuary, she facilitates sacred sisterhood, mentors women, and hold sacred events.


As founder of The Women's Agency, Arlia brings all her wisdom and business experience to bear as she holds the riverbanks for the creative, soulful woman in business to spread their message in the world through podcasting.

Podcast appearances by Arlia

The WitchHunt Podcast with Alexandra Hughes

Welcome to episode 24 of the WitchHunt podcast, featuring an incredibly courageous and beautiful soul, Arlia Hoffman. In this episode, Arlia shares with us the tender and inspiring story of how she stepped out of the perfect mom life, into a life of counter-cultural sovereignty. She tells us about her divorce, and most incredible rebirth. Rebirth into a truth that meant leaving her family and living a revolutionary life where she honored her true poly-amorous, bisexual self, role modeling self-defined sovereignty to her daughters. She tells us how she knows when she’s doing “the right thing”, the magic of body and intuitive-led micro-choices and what being monogamous to her own soul means to her. Arlia's story of bold courage is going to blow you away. And I know you’re going to love her gentle yet strong and inspiring energy. Enjoy this episode with this beautiful Priestess of Aphrodite.

The Intimate Feminine with Jacqueline Robinson

When a mid-life woman has *everything - what compels her to step outside her ‘perfect life’ to experience a deeper expression of Herself? Jacqueline felt an immediate and full-bodied soul-recognition from the moment she connected with Arlia Hoffman.

They discovered a shared embodiment of the Venus/Alphrodite archetype, and time would reveal that Jaqueline was on the cusp of the same taboo portal of feminine awakening that Arlia had experienced years prior.


Together these two women would continue sharing the journey of awakening as soul sisters, each activating energetics of Priestess/Lover deeply embedded in the biological and soul DNA of every woman encoded with a Scarlet Lineage.

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