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  • Arlia

Starting Over

I am starting over in this moment. I cleared the altar, lit a candle, and thought anew about how to be and be with Life today. We think of starting over or starting fresh as big movements, but the invitation is in every breath.⁠

The themes I’m sensing for 2020 as I listen to many sources, is to stand in the center of beingness, grounded in this moment. I didn’t say stand in who you are. How you define that may change with the weather, but stand in beingness. You are a being, a human being, not a human doing, as the saying goes. ⁠

Be in each breath. What is here? Pain, longing, heartbreak and loss? You are still breathing, being. Allow it to be…soften into allowing.⁠

What else is here? A spark of hope, clean air to breathe, sunshine, gratitude, laughter? Allow them in your being. Be all of it. Allow it all.⁠

Allowing does not mean it is all good, only that you acknowledge it is here and it simply is. It will all shift in its time.⁠

The spinning thoughts, worry, analysis…are being in a part of you, but you are not only that. You are being much more. Sense the spaciousness of all of this as the essence of you, the essence of Life.⁠

From here, you and I can sense the new moment, the opportunity to start again, to feel possibility. Possibility leads to hope, hope leads to faith, faith leads to love and love leads to compassion.⁠

Compassion is the highest expression of Love within us. To be able to understand suffering, without judgement, is the culmination of Love. Can you feel the freedom in that kind of compassion for yourself and others? That is the epitome of unconditional Love.⁠

Starting over takes just a spark of hope that there is more always available to us if we are open.⁠

Softly open and allow the hard places. I’ve done a lot of this lately, and the pain is hard to bear at times. And then compassion comes and gives me the breath and space to continue, to start fresh, and find the new mercies in each moment. ⁠

And so it is.⁠

<3 Arlia⁠

Photo by Xiaolong Wong on Unsplash


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