In this excerpt from The Women's Sanctuary Podcast Episode 25, Arlia Hoffman offers encouragement for staying centered and grounded in the midst of chaos.


Photo by Arlia Hoffman


Welcome, sister.
Bring your inner ache, your holy yearning for rest and community


As if you were standing

in the presence of Ancient Redwoods

or in awe of the ocean waves,

The Women's Sanctuary

is a sacred oasis,

a place to nurture

the holy inner life

and sacred connection

 with others. 

Whether in sacred circle with other women, in private sessions, or in group events, The Women's Sanctuary provides support, wisdom, and solace for the body and spirit. 


Women come together to share their stories, listen to one another, find meaning for their experience, dance, move and laugh.  

In this place, you can drop the masks, the protection.


Sink into this holy moment and allow your cells to come alive, your heart begins to soften. 


Relax your jaw, drop your shoulders, breathe, and allow the moment to unfold.


What is here? Give it space.









When women come together, we tap into an ancient lineage of all our mothers before us.


Weaving together the web of support, love,  trust, and understanding has always been our birthright. 



If this seems foreign, it is that we have forgotten who we really are.


In the Sanctuary together, we rediscover the beauty and power of feminine presence.

To be present with ourselves and each other brings us directly into our innate power and wisdom.

Women’s temple practice invites us to embody the flow of our souls, to find the divine within and allow it to flow through us in movement, sound, touch, and feeling.

We remember at last how nourishing it is to gather together, to know our foremothers experienced this way of being together, to say "I see you",  to feel truly seen.

Welcome, dear sister. 

The Women's Sanctuary

I founded The Women's Sanctuary as a haven for women to be in community.

We offer connection through The Women's Sanctuary podcast,  personal soul care sessions, and group events like temple practice.

Rooted in the tradition of women's circles throughout history, The Women's Sanctuary is a place of sacred rest, sacred connection, healing, and community. 

I welcome you here.  Find more about me here.
-Arlia Hoffman