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  • Arlia

The relationship between gratitude and power

In the midst of my relentless complaining about relationships years ago, my teacher responded with “Gratitude builds personal power.” It stopped me in my tracks.

I wanted and needed more power in my life. Why was gratitude the key? How?

Over time I’ve come to see its truth. I can’t change anything about a situation when I’m committed to what’s wrong with it. It only keeps me stuck.

What I understand now is that gratitude brings you into the present moment. To find gratitude, you have to look at what life is in the moment, and what you appreciate. It raises your vibration to that of joy, appreciation, noticing what is here that you want.

In the present moment of noticing what you HAVE, you are inhabiting your power. The power you have to create, to be your most true self, to affect change, is HERE. NOW. You cannot channel your energy into creating, manifesting or influencing Life if you are not fully attentive in this moment.

To be here in the ongoing moment is the only power. To show up.

To show up is where the power is. And when you show up to this moment you are accepting things as you see them and experience them. This is the place you can change it.

The even higher vibration is gratitude. Not only do you see it and accept it, but you are actively grateful to Life for being Life. This doesn’t mean you see it as perfect, but what you see you can love with appreciation. What is here is good.

Your source of power to change your life and the lives of others starts in this breath. Noticing what is here and accepting that it is here. Then, what can you be grateful for here?

This requires a surrender, and letting go of expectations and mental constructs. These all impede your ability to see what is here. This makes you a victim to circumstances and you rob yourself of any power.

If you are expecting sunshine and it is raining, your thoughts about it take you away from the rain and into judgement, irritation, stress and maybe even anger. All of those are emotions or resistance to what IS.

When you see it is raining and accept that as reality, you can then choose how to treat it. If you can move into gratitude for the way water cleanses and supports life, then you have an opportunity to relax into the new situation and change your plans from a place of power, not victimhood.

As I write, my mother is making her transition from the physical world. Every moment I am breathing, practicing acceptance of what is happening. I breathe and see what is here, and let it be. I am frequently drawn away from the moment by fear, worry or sorrow. But whenever i notice it, I come back to this breath and notice what is around me ...that brings me present. This is the only place from which I can hear my inner guidance.

I’ve learned that miracles come more easily when I’m listening. (Maybe it’s just that I see them more clearly.) Twice in the last few weeks, I’ve been in the right place at the right time because I was listening. That’s being in the flow..even in this time with my mom. I am relying on the inner voice to show me how to support her and what is needed.

Gratitude is more than a good idea. It is a key to accessing what is most real and alive within you. It changes your perspective to one aligned with your highest values. From a place of gratitude, you can be the person you really want to be.

I really want to be the most true to my heart and myself while serving my mom in her final days. It isn’t easy. There are moments I am faced with decisions I would have said no to last week. But here in this moment, what is the most loving choice? I usually get a clear answer inside, and then I go with it. I decide to trust it.

This is fifth dimensional vibration. There is no instruction manual. There is listening and aligning and moving....dancing with the unique expression of God within you.

By breathing, listening, observing, you can begin to touch this moment and connect with what is truly you, a spacious river of possibilities ready to be discovered. A river of grace where you can remember Life is bigger than the circumstances you find yourself in.

May you find the river and dare to wade in.


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