Joy, peace, love...these are our birthrights. But it can be hard to find them, and sometimes they seem to be missing entirely. 

Looking for them doesn't really work..."working" for them rarely does. Sometimes it seems to happen by accident.  Working on joy? Looking for love? All the wrong places, baby. So then what works?

They come to us when we stop "trying".  It takes a different kind of looking. The work is inside., peace and even love can fill the moments. 

And many of us need help with figuring this out because we haven't been taught how. We all are ready for new roadmaps to figure out life and feel better.

As if you were standing in the presence of ancient Redwoods or in awe of the ocean waves, The Women's Sanctuary is a sacred oasis, a place to nurture the holy inner life as well as sacred connections with others.

Whether in Women's Temple practice, in private sessions, or in group events, The Women's Sanctuary provides support, wisdom, and solace for the body and spirit.